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Wood Shaft Bow Info


Looking for info on bows in shafts?

Most all woods have slight bows. Just go to your local lumber yard and pick up any piece of non-manmade wood. Chances are 99.99% of the time it will have a bow in it. It's wood. Many things effect woods from weather when sprouting to humidity after being cut.

If any of our stiks or stafs shafts have an insignificant bow... it does NOT affect the functionality of the what they are built and used for.

However, we do sort through our shafts when building and if they have MORE THAN 3/32nds of an inch bow across 3 feet (36 inches) then it is built and added in our SPECIALS section at a discounted price.

If you're wondering what 3/32nds of an inch looks like... then reach in your pocket and pull out some change. You'll notice the thickness of each of the coins shown below... so 3/32nds is just slightly over the thickness of a nickle.

Keep in mind... if you are having your custom order stik cut to size... then the bow becomes LESS than the stated amount.

1.5/32nds 2.5/32nds 1.5/32nds 2.0/32nds

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