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Standard BubbaStik Build

We Use U.S. Priority Mail Services w/2-3 Day Delivery.

Black Chrome and Copper Tops are Manufactured Exclusively for Our Website!
All hame tops on our site are made of Solid Brass, then Plated with Chrome, Copper or Black Chrome and finally Lacquered to maintain their Super Shiny Finish. They measure 7-3/4" in length with a 2-1/8" diameter ball. Average Weight is 11.2 ounces. They're offered with 1 Point (1 screw hole) or 3 Point (1 screw hole and 2 twist nail holes) for the installation... your choice.
Pick Your Your TOP

Brass Hame (1pt)
1pt Brass
(no extra charge)
Low Qty - 30

Chrome Hame (1pt)
1pt Chrome
(add $5.00)
Low Qty - 23

1pt Copper Top
1pt Copper
(add $5.00)
187 in Stock

1pt Black Top
1pt Black Chrome
(add $5.00)
537 in Stock

Black Chrome & Copper Tops
ONLY Available Here!

Manufactured EXCLUSIVELY

3pt Black Top
3pt Black Chrome
(add $5.00)
133 in Stock
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We're stocking 4 different Colors of the Standard BubbaStik Shafts for your custom build . If we don't have the color you want in stock, check back often as we are continually restocking or drop us an email.

Colors & Grains can vary due to the natural and uniqueness of the wood and monitor settings.
Appx 1 inch OD Stained, Branded with "BUBBA STIK" and Clear Poly'd Red Oak Wood
39 inches (varies +/- .5-1") in Length AFTER Build
Shafts Weigh appxroximately 12 Ounces, Uncut BEFORE Build.

Pick Your Your SHAFT

Oak BubbaStik Standard
Standard Oak
7 in Stock  

Mahogany BubbaStik Standard
Standard Mahogany
4 in Stock  

Walnut BubbaStik Standard
Standard Walnut
8 in Stock  

Ebony BubbaStik Standard
Standard Ebony
7 in Stock  
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All Rubber Tips with Steel Inserts / Steel and Stainless Steel Ferrules
All Neva-Slip® Rubber Tips are removable, replaceable and are available separately in our Accessories Section. Metal Ferrules are permanently installed and includes a Floor Protector Rubber Tip.

Pick Your Your BOTTOM TIP

HD Round Bottom Rubber
HD Round Rubber
Weight: 1.3 oz
(no extra charge)

65 in Stock

HD Flat Bottom Rubber
HD Flat Rubber
Weight: 1.3 oz
(no extra charge)

102 in Stock

Weight: 8.1 oz
(add $24.50)

(Shipped Separately Included)
2 in Stock

Nickle Plated Steel Ferrule

Brass Plated Steel Ferrule
Brass Plated Steel
Weight: 1.0 oz
(add $24.95)

45 in Stock

Black Chrome Plated Steel Ferrule
Black Chrome Steel
Weight: 1.0 oz
(add $24.95)
38 in Stock

Polished Stainless Ferrule (chrome)
Nickel Plated Steel
Weight: 1.0 oz
(add $24.95)

24 in Stock

Copper Plated Stainless Ferrule
Copper Plated Steel
Weight: 1.0 oz
(add $24.95)

27 in Stock

  • ALL Ferrules & Rubber Tips are Available Separately in the Accessories Section
  • You can find Rubber Tips for Ferrules under Accessories -> Rubber Tips
  • Ferrules will add approximately 7/8" to the overall length of a Stik or Staf when installed
  • Ferrule Rubber Tips will add approximately 1/2" to the overall length of a Stik or Staf when installed on a Ferrule
Click on ANY Graphic to Enlarge or Reduce.

Need LENGTH Adjustment?
No Extra Charge to Cut to Size When Building
Maximum BubbaStik Overall Length After Build is 40" (+/- 1")

Leave Blank for Un-Cut Length
(Examples: 34 or 36.25)
(No Quotes or Letters)

Don't Forget to ADD Your Accessories After Building Your Stik!
Add Some Class When You're STEPIN' OUT!
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