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"A Place Where You Can Custom Build Your VERY Own Unique Walking Stik and MORE..."

We've been providing some of the finest, most comfortable, custom built walking stiks and accessories internationally for 14 years, each one designed by our customer and built by us.

Our world renowned Stiks & Stafs are built from woods from around the world! You can embellishments your custom build with top grade Custom Accessories of your choosing. Check our Testimonials page to see what our customers have said about both our Products and Services!
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On Feb 5, 2017 at 3:55 PM Omar of Jersey City, NJ wrote:
Omar gave us a 5 Star Rating!
item: STEPINSTIK EXOTIC OSAGE ORANGE THUMPER (an unbiased and unsolicited review)

CUSTOMER SERVICE --- delivered fast; packaging was first class, the cardboard tube great for protecting the product, resulting in no structural damage or even the faintest cosmetic blemish. my initial inquiries and all questions and requests answered swiftly and accurately, giving me peace-of-mind that i was going to get EXACTLY what i wanted.

PRODUCT REVIEW --- my 22-1/2" OSAGE ORANGE THUMPER was just GORGEOUS!!! dabbling in woodworking myself (purely on an amateur level, hahaha), i picked OSAGE ORANGE not only for it's high load-bearing capacity, but also for it's toughness and resistance to rot, cracking, and warping. the solid brass hame fit my hand just so, not being too large for prolonged use, nor too small to dig into the center of my palm. mind you, though, that THIS IS A THUMPER, NOT A REGULAR-SIZED CANE, but i actually use this as a stair-assist tool to help me climbing stairs because of a bad hip. to use a regular cane would mean that i had to reach higher to pull myself up, meaning more hip-rotation. however, since i feel fine doing flatwork like walking/exercising, it's an added bonus as a deterrent for the occasional mean dog without a leash, or (god forbid!) two-legged miscreants, hahaha!!! the weight is just enough to make you aware that there IS bit of heft, which for me is an assurance that should occasions arise of a threatening nature, i am not alone with just a wish to have something substantial to turn to if needed.

DID I NEED TO BUY THIS? my wife said no. DO I NEED THIS? again the wife said no. DID I WANT THIS? i told my wife yes. i explained to her that there ARE times that a guy sees something that he just has to have. when i held the thumper for the first time, i realized that this was not the regular trash you see in mail-order catalogs all over the internet. by the very nature of the availability for customization, this is an ARTISANAL product, made by an American, here in the USA! this no mass-produced product; it seems solidly (and lovingly) constructed just for me. my communication with BubbaSam regarding the assembly means that this thumper is a collaboration of him and myself, and i know that no matter where i look, nothing will be the same as my thumper.



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