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Deluxe Embossed Leather Wrist Strap Build

Priced at $16.80
(Free USA Packaging/Shipping)

REQUIRES a Mounting Loop for Installation!

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All leather is 3-4oz thick by 1/2 inch wide and appx 11 inches long after build depending on the selected clasp.

Colors shown below can vary with the leather and/or your monitor.
Embossed Natural Aztec Strap
Natural Aztec

Embossed Natural Barbwire Strap
Natural Barbwire

Embossed Natural Double Roll Strap
Natural Double Roll

Embossed Natural Rope Strap
Natural Rope

Embossed Natural Weave Strap
Natural Weave

Embossed Natural Single Roll Strap
Natural Single Roll

Embossed Natural Gator Strap
Natural Gator
(out of stock)

Embossed Saddle Tan Aztec Strap
Saddle Tan Aztec

Embossed Saddle Tan Barbwire Strap
Saddle Tan Barbwire

Embossed Saddle Tan Double Roll Strap
Saddle Tan Double Roll

Embossed Saddle Tan Rope Strap
Saddle Tan Rope

Embossed Saddle Tan Weave Strap
Saddle Tan Weave
(out of stock)

Embossed Saddle Tan Single Roll Strap
Saddle Tan Single Roll

Embossed Saddle Tan Gator Strap
Saddle Tan Gator

Embossed Hi-Lited Aztec Strap
Hi-Lited Aztec

Embossed Hi-Lited Barbwire Strap
Hi-Lited Barbwire

Embossed Hi-Lited Double Roll Strap
Hi-Lited Double Roll

Embossed Hi-Lited Rope Strap
Hi-Lited Rope

Embossed Hi-Lited Weave Strap
Hi-Lited Weave

Embossed Hi-Lited Single Roll Strap
Hi-Lited Single Roll

Embossed Hi-Lited Gator Strap
Hi-Lited Gator

Embossed Bordeaux Aztec Strap
Bordeaux Aztec

Embossed Bordeaux Barbwire Strap
Bordeaux Barbwire

Embossed Bordeaux Double Roll Strap
Bordeaux Double Roll

Embossed Bordeaux Rope Strap
Bordeaux Rope

Embossed Bordeaux Weave Strap
Bordeaux Weave

Embossed Bordeaux Single Roll Strap
Bordeaux Single Roll

Embossed Bordeaux Gator Strap
Bordeaux Gator

Embossed Black Aztec Strap
Black Aztec

Embossed Black Barbwire Strap
Black Barbwire

Embossed Black Double Roll Strap
Black Double Roll

Embossed Black Rope Strap
Black Rope

Embossed Black Weave Strap
Black Weave

Embossed Black Single Roll Strap
Black Single Roll

Embossed Black Gator Strap
Black Gator
(out of stock)

Pick Your CLASP
STD Brass STD Clasp
Brass STD
STD Chrome STD Clasp
Chrome STD
STD Copper STD Clasp
Copper STD
STD Black Chrome STD Clasp
Black Chrome STD
HD Brass HD Clasp
Brass HD
(add $1.00)
HD Chrome HD Clasp
Chrome HD
(add $1.00)
HD Copper HD Clasp
Copper HD
(add $1.00)
HD Black Chrome HD Clasp
Black Chrome HD
(add $1.00)

Click on ANY Graphic to Enlarge or Reduce.

Want to be able to adjust your wrist strap for your wrist size? Adjusting the wrist diameter of the strap opening helps maintain the strap on your wrist at all times.
Composite Wrist Strap Adjuster Composite Wrist Strap Adjuster
No Thank You Yes (+$1.95)

You will need to add a Mounting Loop to mount your Wrist Strap UNLESS, of course, you have different plans. A matching metal to your clasp will be added. If you want a different metal or not installed then order the Mounting Loop separately.
Brass Mounting Loop Chrome Mounting Loop Copper Mounting Loop Black Chrome Mounting Loop
No Thank You Yes, But NOT Installed (+$4.00) Yes, Installed (+$5.00)

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