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Another GREAT Add-On for Safety!

Brass Ferrule Black Chrome Ferrule Copper Ferrule Chrome Ferrule Nickle Plated Steel Ferrule

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Ferrules are absolutely a perfect add-on for hiking or when in snow and ice. We highly recommend a Ferrule Floor Protector for inside protection or a Heavy Duty Ferrule Tip for light to moderate weight bearing. Ferrules are offered in 18mm to 24mm in Nickel Plated Steel. The 26mm Ferrules are offered in Brass, Black Chrome, Bright Copper and Nickel plated Steel. All ferrules include all mounting hardware. Keep in mind that these tips will add approximately 1 inch to the overall length of the stik if not built to a specific length.

Note: These must be precisely hand fitted to the Stik to prevent splitting during use. So... if you're not handy you might want to have us install it on for you. For installation instructions please visit our Support page.

Price starts at $9.95 per Ferrule... and includes FREE USA Packaging & Priority Mail Shipping if shipped with a Stik Order.

Product ID
mm | dec | frac
mm | dec | frac
Finish Comments
26mm Steel 24 | .950 | 60/64 25 | 1.00 | 64/64 Plated in Brass, Black Chrome, Copper & Nickel 1" Shafts
24mm Steel 22 | .854 | 54/64 24 | .950 | 60/64 Nickel Plated Only  
22mm Steel 20 | .787 | 50/64 22 | .854 | 54/64 Nickel Plated Only  
20mm Steel 18 | .720 | 46/64 20 | .787 | 50/64 Nickel Plated Only  
18mm Steel 16 | .655 | 42/64 18 | .720 | 46/64 Nickel Plated Only  
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  • WITH Stik Order NOT Installed (Free USA Packaging/Shipping)
  • WITHOUT Stik Order +$2.99 (Shipped First Class)
  • WITH Stik Order & Floor Protect, Installed +11.00 (Free USA Packaging/Shipping)

Ferrule Price (ea):   
Don't forget the Rubber Tip for your Ferrule!

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